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Yoga for Health and Peace



“I regularly attempted to run up Earl Hill, but could not run all the way to the top, I could always only get around half way. Long story short I damaged my MCL in my Right Knee and put me out of action, I could not run anymore. I had my teacher training course with Knoff Yoga which is a 3 week intensive course. Total time with my injury and teacher training time, meant I had not ran at all or attempted Earl Hill for 3 months. After my teacher training I went back and ran up 3/4 of the way. Couple of days after I attempted it again and could run the whole of Earl Hill and have been ever since.

My lung capacity was not there before my teacher training course. Now my lungs are able to expand further to allow a full breath and supply my body with more oxygen. Allowing me to have enough fuel to reach the top of Earl Hill, running.

To go from never being able to run Earl Hill, then not running at all for 3 months and then suddenly being able to run all the way to the top, was 100% due to an increase in Lung Volume. The Yoga Postures and Pranayama (Breathing exercises) allowed the surrounding muscles of my Thoracic Cavity (rib cage area) to release and my lungs can expand further. This along with the strengthening of my Diaphragm.

I never knew how little of a lung capacity I had until now and it also continues to expand further. Every week I am noticing a little extra with my breathing. There are many more improvements in my overall health and wellbeing thanks to the Knoff Yoga System and the teachers.”

Adam Phillips

“I started Yoga classes during a bleak period in my life, about 20 years ago. While no magic fairy dust transformed me, my whole outlook is different now.Insomnia used to be my plague, lying awake and beating myself up because I should be asleep and recharging my batteries but my mind wouldn’t shutdown. Yoga has taught me to do that. Now I look forward to 5:30 am when I can rise and shine and stretch for 30 to 40 minutes. For me, it’s better than sleeping in and way better than insomnia… Yoga is a very welcome part of my life. Thanks to all Yoga teachers.”

Leon Gordon

“I rotated 6 vertebra in a snowboarding accident in 2002.Doing yoga a few times a week (the more, the better) helps me live without pain. If I miss a week or 2 of classes, the pain comes back.”

Cleo Legge